[RESOLVED] Places - How are you using


I think I’m pretty much there with the piston now but I have another issue. My second location is saved in settings but doesnt seem to work.

I have now made the radius massive which the sensor is well within and have a simple piston to check, see below, but the piston doesn’t seem to pick up the location. Any ideas / suggestions?

Just to add the location presence on home is flawless


Try changing to ‘changes to’ instead of ‘is’. I don’t think is will trigger the piston unless you manually force it to run. Also check spelling on places. Capitalization matters

Also why the use of $Location?


Thanks I’ll try.
The capitalisation is right, such a pain. Really want this to work!
I used the $location as I just needed something to allow me to send a push notification for the test



Is there anyway to force update a location on the web core presence location on mobile?



Not that I am aware of. However you can force away and force present from the mobile


I know this is an old thread but is anybody able to help me with setting this up where I have my phone as the presence sensor?


Try reading these based on Android o iPhone


Hi, sorry to reactivating the post, but when I add the webcore presence sensor current place inside expression… the evaluated value is still empty! nothing is written… and when I try to use it anywhere, its always empty so just cant use my places as trigger or condition… My presence sensor is installed and seems to work (exept for few things like current place)…

Do you know what can cause this? Thanks!