Samsung powerbot piston


I am completely lost when it comes to webcore but i am learning. I have tried to create a simple piston and i am unable to get it to work.

1) Give a description of the problem
Command to start the powerbot eludes me.

2) What is the expected behavior?
I am looking to have our powerbot run 3 days a week when we leave the house . We use the smartthings presence sensors


can you give us your example pistions. make sure they are the green script


This is what i have so far.


Unless a Presence Sensor leaves between your time restriction, your piston won’t trigger (the time restriction is not a trigger on its own).

You also have nothing to cancel the cleaner.

Try making the time restriction a condition instead of a restriction and add an else.

Time IS between x and y (only on x y or z)
any of Presence IS away
turn on cleaner
turn off cleaner.


ok thank you for the suggestions . Any idea on what the actual command is to make the vacuum run? I have tried numerous different things. This is what i see in ST app when the vacuum is starting and stopping from the samsung connect app. If you open the picture all the way up you see the commands for some reason the grey lettering is really hard to see.


I have no idea what the command would be, but if it’s exposed to webCoRE it will show in the command dropdown list in webCoRE.

Can you send me a screenshot of the command dropdown and I’ll see if anything stands out.



You need to add parameters to many of those custom commands (that’s what the (…) means)

Select the custom command and then the cog symbol.

Problem is I wouldn’t know what the parameters should be… is it a custom DTH? Do you have a link?

What does on / off do?


You could possibly try parameters in words like ‘CleaningStop’ / ‘ControlCleaning’ as per the activity screenshot… but it’s more likely to be an integer such as ‘1’ / ‘2’.

You’ll probably need to experiment.


ok so after doing a bit of hunting. I have figured out that the powerbot does not import into ST with the abilities to actually make it run. But someone in a post mentioned Artik . So i was able to do Samsung connect into Artik and link Artik to ST which imported the powerbot as an off and on switch. Which i am then able to “turn it on” which starts it and off stops it and makes it return to the charging station. one thing i was curious about is this part of the piston in the log. It says this. ║Setting up scheduled job for Tue, Jan 2 2018 @ 9:00:00 AM EST (in 50727.75s) Does that mean it is going to try to run it again at 9am tomorrow even though tuesday is excluded? Also since i am still learning am i correct in thinking that this piston will poll 9am to 1pm waiting to see if the presence sensors leave and then run the vac? I do not need to set a trigger of some sort to make it attempt to run ? I really appreciate all the help you have given me today.


It will schedule for the time daily but will only runnif the ‘day of the week’ and presence conditions are also met.


Actually, I believe the powerbot is essentially a switch. I was messing around and getting it to work in smartthings with Alexa, and it was essentially “Alexa, turn on Vacuum Downstairs”. Same with control through Smartthings app - it’s a toggle switch. Just use Turn On to start.

I don’t remembder if Turn Off sends it home or just shuts it down, though.

I have mine hooked directly into ST using Samsung Connect. Didn’t have to do anything weird like you stated using Artik. Add a device manually->Samsung Products->Samsung Robot Vacuum->Connect Now. Assuming it’s set up in Samsung Connect app on your phone.


mine is in ST also but none of the controls actually work for what i can tell. Alexa is able to start and stop the vacuum also. Does yours look like this?


Nope. Mine looks a lot different. On the SmartApps tab it lists Samsung Robot Vacuum(Connect). That’s how ST links into the Samsung Connect app on my phone. Samsung Connect has a very similar screen.

Then again, it’s been awhile since I’ve actually tried controller the vacuums from Alexa or SmartThings so for I know they aren’t even working anymore. I just ahve them on a daily schedule through their native app.


i had a feeling mine was different. Which vacuum do you have? i have tried multiple times of removing it from smartthings. Which oddly removes it from the samsung connect also and reconnecting it. All my devices show up in the samsung connect app also.


I’ve got the Powerbot 9250. That’s about all I can tell you. No idea where to see the firmware version. App version for Samsung Connect is 1017.12.14.

Let’s face it, these are not the most connected vacuums. Usually it just shows disconnected no matter what it’s actually doing…


Please help me start cleaning samsung powerbot r9350. I can’t find option start cleaning room


It’s just “turn on” isn’t it?


Nothing happens


Can you control from Smartthings? Pressing the “play” button should make it start. If that doesn’t work because the vacuum isn’t connected then Webcore isn’t going to help.

Like I said above, these things aren’t very connected, and I find a simple schedule works far better than trying to use Smartthings. I gave up on trying to get it to run when everyone leaves a long time ago.