Samsung Tracker



Pulled the trigger on one of these Samsung Trackers (they were on sale).

It’s installed to SmartThings, added to my hub, so I can see it in Graph, but I don’t know what sort of device to add it to WebCore. It is not a traditional presence sensor, I can’t add it as a Presence Sensor.

When I look at the item in graph, Current States has these fields:

latitude: 3X
longitude: -7X
“id”: 44023,
“presence”: “not present”

I setup a geofence around my house, so that’s the current one that is showing. Any thoughts on how I could get this worked into WebCore?



Just hunt through every option till you find it… doesn’t matter what category you add it to, as long as it’s ticked off at least once.

Most devices appear in one of the two type lists (actuators or sensors). You only need to go hunting in the categories when not found by type.


I got one of these trackers but can’t find it anywhere in the add devices section of Webcore setup. Did you ever find this?


Nope, it doesn’t appear that it is available in WebCoRE. The only values that it sends are


as a device. That would mean that WebCoRE would need to accept that device handler, and based upon what I think is Samsung’s latest API and documentation.

Longitude, Latitude and Geofences doesn’t even appear in their developers guide. This leads me to believe that it’s unlikely that WebCoRE could code to accept that device handler and thus display it as a device in WebCoRE.