Scheduled Piston Not Executing


I have a few simple routines to change the mode, however lately a lot of them have not been executing. My Weekend Day routine was supposed to run at 7:30 am and it did not. I watched it to see the trace and although it appeared to start, nothing happened. I have a similar Day routine for the weekdays and it too does not run.

Location modes were not either Away or Weekend Day at the time the piston was scheduled to run.


Seems to be a similar issue with regards to the log output, although I am not using the wait command.


If you set your logs to full you can see the true/false results to each line of logic. the pistons seems to be running so Id say do this next to determine the results of each line. Might clue you in on whats happening.


Also look at getting rid of the DO after Execute. Typically its Execute, IF, Then, “WITH a Device” Do as set of commands. The way you have may work , I just don’t typically write them that way.


My logs are set to full. When it runs at 7:30 am, this is all I get. The strange thing is that I have a similar Evening piston that runs just fine.

I can’t removed the Do in line 20 as it is part of the timer Every statement.



Your latest piston “yyid” looks solid to me… The log looks like it ran successfully.

The only strange thing I see is it fired at 8:21 instead of 7:30.
Are you editing a piston that is in a different time zone?


“yyid” is my Evening piston which runs fine. I was showing it as a comparison.

“6h2n” is my Day piston which does not run. Even though they are similar, the logs show the Evening piston does it’s comparison and executes the command. However the Day piston goes from “execution stage started” immediately to “execution stage complete” without running any of the command.


SmartThings is looking into this and the related issues that others have reported this week, I will keep you posted.


@twodaend, this has been resolved for certain shards of the SmartThings platform that were affected but it seems like EU01 may still be having trouble with waits. Is this still affecting you? Which shard are you on (which URL do you end up at after signing in at


@ipaterson, thanks for the update. I’m on NA02. This morning my Day piston similar to my Weekend Day = 6h2n, ran as it too was not working. I’ll see tomorrow morning how my WeekendDay runs since this was the piston I initially noticed was not working.


@ipaterson, the original piston that was not running, just ran as expected. Thanks for your help.


@ipaterson, Looks like it is happening it again.