This piston was working fine for nearly two not working


In the logs there is something about “recovery”. Never saw that before. Piston won’t change mode to home nor perform any of the subsequent actions. It was working fine for almost two years until about 7-10 days ago. @ipaterson

Maybe related to this:


Scheduled Piston Not Executing

I’ll reach out to SmartThings to see what’s going wrong on the platform. I agree that it seems related to the wait issue. Which shard are you on (which URL do you end up at after signing in at


Thank you. Shard is NA01



I think I may be seeing the same issue. I’m seeing the recovery message in the log, and a piston that used to work went inconsistent. I’ve changed the code to not use a wait now, and it works although it still seems to “wake up” several mins late and shows its recovered.

I’m on Shard EU01


Getting some weird events on timers and presence issues also. I’m on the original graph.api. I will have to turn on logs and find some of the funky stuff.

Edit: This was from my presence changing to away last night…

7/22/2019, 6:17:39 PM +396ms
+0ms ╔Received event [Home].time/recovery = 1563844659391 with a delay of 5ms
+132ms ║RunTime Analysis CS > 22ms > PS > 49ms > PE > 61ms > CE
+135ms ║Runtime (48172 bytes) successfully initialized in 49ms (v0.3.108.20180906) (134ms)
+136ms ║╔Execution stage started
+137ms ║╚Execution stage complete. (2ms)
+138ms ╚Event processed successfully (138ms)


No news yet but I will keep the thread updated.


SmartThings is looking into this and the related issues that others have reported this week, hold tight for now.


I was asked to get an update on NA01 – are these timeouts still affecting you now, @Eric182?


Give me until Friday to observe them for certain. No issues today though.


@Paul1964, though it seems like NA01 may be fixed others are still having related issues on EU01. Would you please check whether waits and wake ups are still running late for you?


I’ve just had a look at the log for my dishwasher cycle monitor from yesterday. It seems to have shown a delay of 10 secs after a 10min wait (power stays less than 0.6w for 10 mins) Previously it had a delay of around 2 mins. There’s also no mention of recovery, so hopefully its fixed?

I’ll check my washing machine cycle piston next time it runs. This previously worked fine and then stopped working. The dishwasher piston is similar, but I changed the way it works when they both started playing up.


I’m going to say it’s Friday now. Everything is back to normal here. Thanks Ian


@ipaterson I’m seeing the same issues again…as back in July

The same pistons are doing it again. I haven’t changed anything.

Does it have to do with this? By the way: I never updated to the latest version. I’m still on version 0628


The log showing “recovery” is likely because there was a lot of commotion in your house at the time this piston was supposed to run… By the time the recovery kicked in, I bet the conditions were no longer true, so nothing was executed.

Just an educated guess…


I appreciate the input and I know you’re very active and helpful on this forum, but if you read this entire thread, This is a piston that’s been rocksteady for 2 years now. Back in June, it started giving me issues by not executing when it was supposed toexecute. (/recovery error/wait error. )

Ian fixed something on the backend and/or contacted Smartthings for a fix. Then it went back to working OK. Now it’s happening again. The following thread is also related.

I’m going to monitor for a few more days maybe a week. Just to make sure it wasn’t a 1 time occurrence


I’ll try to ping the SmartThings dev who looked into this last time. I don’t think anything was done to fix it but he was able to see from error logs that the ST platform was highly stressed and performance slowly recovered.


Thank you.


Here is an analogy:
I can drive the same car, 7 days a week… and sometimes there will be awful traffic slowing me down. Even without the piston changing, the other factors pays a huge roll on the timeliness & reliability…

… or as Ian said so eloquently:

Edit :
The reason why I chose the phrase, “lot of commotion in your house” is because the main time the ST platform gets highly stressed is when there’s a lot of commotion in the house, LOL


Let me say this another way:
When a piston sometimes succeeds, and sometimes fails… (under the exact same circumstances), the issue usually lies in other piston(s) or other forms of home networking chatter.

Heck, even heavy downloading can seriously impact my SmartHome’s speed & reliability…


Can’t suck sludge through a 1 cm straw as fast as you can with water. I get it. I understand that. Perhaps An option could be to rebuild the piston to several smaller ones. Time will tell.