SmartThings Integration - ending Sept 2022? - LIFX!


Hello Community!

Daily life has kept me away from the various communities and such for a while so this probably comes as an old question for most of you. And if this is in the wrong Category or simply does not belong in this forum please move or delete.

My question: As part of a larger ecosystem I have been using pistons that trigger LIFX Scenes from SmartThings. This is pretty much how our home lighting runs. I have 50 LIFX bulbs, 200 devices, 200 ST scenes/routines, etc etc… With Webcore [ending ST integration?] how do I trigger LIFX Scenes from SmartThings?

Thank you for your patience. This has been a long road (literally - moved to NC from CA!) and tripled the size of our smarthome footprint.



You may want to post your question about lifx scenes on the ST Community forum. I am wondering if it can be done with Web Requestor:

if not, someone should be able to find what is available.


I too trigger lifx scenes using webCoRE. What I have been doing now since WebCoRE is going away, is using Alexa. I have my LIFX scenes exposed to Alexa so that when one of my motion sensors detect motion it’ll trigger a LIFX scene. You can set up a routine in the Alexa app. It’s better than nothing.