SmartThings or Hubitat



So i am wondering if in October 2019 if SmartThings or Hubitat will be the better investment. I have currently never owned a smart hub however the main thing i am looking for is: WebCoRE & Speed. Hubitat seems ALOT faster on local automations espec using the dashboard on tablets however it seems a little complicated.

If you could provide your opinions on the topic maybe it will push me towards one option.



I truly want to switch to Hubitat BUT ST technology still heavily depends on DHTs and what I’m hearing is devices that need DHT are running into problems with Hubitat…

I’ll be watching this post closely…:slight_smile:


Stay tuned for SDC 2019 on October 29, 2019 where you might find some announcements on ST. Mainly, there have been hints of more local processing plus a version of webCoRE that runs locally. Possible new hardware. So stay tuned… you never know what will happen :slight_smile:


Sorry for being a total noob what what is a DHT??


Will wait until that comes out. Hopefully some new hardware for a fastly changing industry to keep them alive.


No worries, I had to google it last year LOL
Device Handlers.

Tons of devices are not yet directly connected to ST hub. You have to install a device handler (Codes) to your ST IDE to make them work. (Sensors, blinds, shades etc)


Ofc, thanks so much. Do u know if Lifx is native or required a DHT


If i’m not mistaken, Lifx is a WI-FI system. Not a Zwave or Zigbee.
So can you use it with webcore YES but you’ll need IFTTT or something similar.


Correct me if im wrong, ST also is native with Wifi protocol devices??


I’m not an expert just so you know…
And pls someone correct me if I’m wrong, I wouldn’t want to give wrong information…

What I know is,
You CAN use wi-fi protocol devices BUT you need to add steps to your automation.

For instance,
I have strip lights that use wifi signal not zwave or zigbee.
I can’t see them in ST App and Webcore.
But I have a piston that uses a simulated switch (created by me in ST IDE)]
That switch is visible in Webcore.
And the piston goes like this.

IF motion sensor changes to ACTIVE
With simulated switch
Do turn ON

Now, when the switch is turned ON, IFTTT gets triggered and the wifi light strip is visible in IFTTT.
IFTTT applet is something like this,

IF simulated switch turns ON
Turn On the wifi strip lights.

as a result, I walk in to the room and lights turn ON…


Hmmm, seems kinda messy. Esspecialy considering how popular Wifi Protocol products are. I would be surprised if there isint a better way to do this.


Of course there are better ways…
Almost all of them come with their own app and automation options.

I was only referring using them with Webcore…

I don’t do App Automations. My whole house is (300 devices) only rely on Webcore.


Sounds like the way i want to go. All WebCoRE or atleast on platform.