Specify offest when using time variable with preset?


Could it be possible to be able to specify an offset (i.e. 30 minutes before/after) when using a preset such as sunrise or sunset in a time only variable? Currently there is no offset prompt.

Or, maybe someone could show me how to do that using expression instead of a preset? I’m good at copy/paste … that’s about it.


Something like this?

And for the Expression, you can do addMinutes($sunrise, 30) or -30 if you want earlier.


Yes, something like that, but I’m not talking about in a condition, as is pictured in your screenshot, I’m talking specifically about within a time variable, which doesn’t currently include the offset line. See the screenshot below.

Thank you for the expression example. I will use that for now.


Untested, but if you leave {timeOff} as (no value set) up top, then you can likely use the Expression later on in the code to set that variable.