Spl case - need to change webcore presence sensor MIN radius


Hello - there are 2 circles. 1 for entry and 2nd for exit. The problem is my son goes to school which falls within the exit circle (the outer one - gray color). Effectively his presence sensor ALWAYS show as Present. I tried moving the pin, reducing the outer circle diameter but nothing as it defaults to a min of outer - inner = 200 mts. Is there any way to reduce it further? To perhaps 150 even? PLEASE ASSIST URGENTLY.


I never used the webCoRE Presence Sensor, but I wouldn’t think there is any way of usefully reducing it. I’ve read the code on occasions though.

The webCoRE Presence Sensor works with ‘places’ and offers attributes such as previousPlace, currentPlace, closestPlace, arrivingAtPlace and leavingPlace. Defining a place for the school should provide you with plenty of useful options. It doesn’t matter if circles overlap with your home place. As long as the closest place can be reliably identified it should do something sensible.