Sports Scoreboard (American Football for now)




Note for everyone, the updated Piston is now shown in the initial post.


Finally got the tiles working for NFL, but it looks to be repeating itself a few times:


At the top of each B Piston, there is a variable tilePistonNumber. Make sure that each is unique. Your first B Piston should have a tilePistonNumber of 1. Second B Piston should have a tilePistonNumber of 2. Third =3, Fourth =4.

Once you’ve updated those, rerun the A Piston.


First of all, great implementation. Very nice interface and easy to set up. For data points, I think you have picked all the right options. Alerts at the end of each period (quarter) and end of game I think would be great.

On your instructions up top, Overall very clear but webcore didn’t ask me for any piston names. It only asked for the url which I ignored as you said. Then I neglected to go in and edit each call to the pistons. They were filled in with links to non-existed pistons. Once I updated them to my 4 B pistons, everything was OK. Had to think about it for a second but the last call appeared to be back to the A piston so I edited that as well. Suggest you make it clearer in your instructions about editing the A [piston to link to all the B pistons and back to itself.

Again, thanks for this. Appears to be working although who knows what kind of football season we will have this year. ugh

Gauge tiles not showing correctly

Thanks. I had considered adding alerts but decided against it for the moment. Given that the data is only as accurate as of the last API call, there would be a delay in any alert. And the piston is quite large already so I was concerned some users wouldn’t be able to install. The workaround would be a third piston to drive the notifications.

I am actually playing around with another Piston that would be for an individual team which would include more detail and alerts with escalating frequency of API calls based on status.

I made some edits in the original post, thanks for pointing that out.

At this point, I’ll take anything