Spotify not playing (Sonos)


1) Give a description of the problem
Spotify not playing

2) What is the expected behavior?
When switch is turned to on, Spotify plays

3) What is happening/not happening?
Nothing at all

4) Post a Green Snapshot of the pistonimage

5) Attach any logs (From ST IDE and by turning logging level to Full)


You will need to check with the Echo Speaks thread in the ST forum to see if others have been able to successfully play their Spotify tracks or stations. This is not a webcore issue.

Edit: Or your ES device and app may need to be updated… or you need to use the correct Task if you’ve already updated…



Thank you but I don’t want to use Echo Speaks I just want WebCoRE to tell Spotify to play some music through my Sonos speaker.


Ah, I don’t have a Sonos system so someone with one might be able to help you figure it out.


Thank you anyway I appreciate your help :pray:


I use sonos but how did you get the Searchmusic parameters without EchoSpeaks???
My understanding is Echospeaks adds search music etc…

I play music through sonos and pistons but you need to find URI or URL source of the music when you want to use pistons to start playing.


I do have Echo Speaks but don’t want it to play through my Echo dot just through my Sonos, I didn’t realise that had added extra search parameters, I really am very new to this and more than a bit confused to be honest.

How did you get the URL from Spotify please ?
Do you have a piston I could look at as an example please as that light clear things up for me a bit.


Well first off, get ready feeling slightly dissapointed with Sonos :))))) i am sure it will get better as they develope new firmware but for now not 100% Webcore and/or automation friendly.

Playing playlist from amazon music, spotify, siriusxm etc will be a challange. You will have a better luck with RADIO stations that streams online.

Here are the methods I know you can play music through sonos with Webcore pistons:

1 - As I mentioned finding URI, URL links to the songs

  • To do that, play a song or radio stations THROUGH SONOS APP.
  • Lets say you play spotify and send the music to your kitchen SONOS.
  • While the music playing go to your ST IDE (pls let me know if you need info on doing that.)
  • Check your SONOS KITCHEN device info.
    (This post would give you some ideas)
    My favorite wakeup piston
    You will easily find URL or URI to play in sonos.
    BUT here is the thing, that link you will find (unless it’s a online radio station) will be for that current song.

I will write more but gotta go now.
let me share my piston and I’ll edit this post add more info in couple of hours.


Wow that’s fantastic and really helpful thanks so much for your help, it’s really is very much appreciated :+1:


You are welcome @cyber-twin68
I was really frustrated last year that I couldn’t get a proper way of playing music so I got some help and researched a lot. I am glad that I could help/.

I just want to explain a couple of things in my piston. Maybe someone later on reads this and benefits from.

a) If you get URL links for amazon music, spotify etc two things will happen (this might change in the future but for now it is what it is.)

  • You will only get the link for current song.
  • Or you will get the link for a playlist BUT it will always start from same song and play the same list with same order of songs)

b) You can go after online radio stations, I look for ones that have no commercials:))

  • BUT if for any reason signal weakens, could be your wifi load, or stations broadcast signal, SONOS WILL STOP… yes it will stop. But if you connect your sonos with LAN cable, i have feeling you can prevent this. I have not tried this because when I places all sonos speakers through out the house I mounted them on the ceilings and now I don’t want to deal with cutting the walls and wiring LAN cables.

c) You can use your mp3 list, upload all of them to a website (even a free one could do it) and use RANDOM to play your list. Creating the piston is time consuming but works. I use this for notifications instead of SPEAK TEXT. Sometimes speak text was failing in my trials. But playing mp3s have 95% success rate.
I have mp3 stuff on my website and SONOS will play mp3 link when it’s needed.
things like : The garage door is left open more than 2 minutes.
: A motion detected in the back yard.

Here is the post for that:
For the Kids, not me

And here is how you can create text to speech mp3 files:
(I use Daisy as person to read my notifications)

Finally i created my own radio station:)))

  • I used Nicecast for broadcasting music.
  • I had an extra old MAC doing nothing. Now that computer turned into local net work radio station. With Nicecast broadcasting you can choose your audio source. Lets say you have spotify desktop app, what ever plays on that app, your radio station will broadcast that, and the link to your radio station will hear that music.
  • I can either pick a channel in the morning or I can use APPLE AUTOMATER and pick different channels automaticly.
    not the best way of doing it but until companies get their sh…t together and create more user friendly solutions, it works.

Finally here is and example link that I started using for holiday season:)) it’s a radio channel in France and no commercials. You can play with this link and test.


pleasse shoot if you have any questions…
And have fun with your music system…



Wow that is really comprehensive and easy to follow, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write that and the help you have given, that is very kind. :pray:


No problem at all.
Webcore community has been very helpfull and generous. People here help me/teach me a lot…
I was a little bit frustrated with ST community (they can be rude and nasty LOL)
But webcore people are amazing in my experience.

I am only happy that I can follow that path and be helpful.