ST App updated - can't find SmartApps section, locked out of WC now - help?


UPDATE: I figured out a way to get it…After going through every possible screen in the phone app, as well as installing the Windows desktop app…I started searching around the SmartThings community site, at some point they released a web based dashboard for SmartThings called From here, you can access your currently installed SmartApps.

For some reason, I have two instances of WebCoRE, but one of them fortunately has the “Register A Browser” option, and I now have access to WebCoRE again.

I guess I picked a good time to migrate over to Home Assistant.

(btw, I’m on Android)

The ST app just updated and it looks like they have redesigned it yet again.

I am unable to find the screen which lists all currently installed SmartApps. So now I’m unable to authorize a new browser for WebCoRE.

Any advice? Am I blind and not seeing it in the new app? Or is there another way to authorize a browser without using the app?

The bottom row has tabs for “Automations” and “Menu”, neither of which have any SmartApp info.

Any help?


That is where the SmartApps should be. The Scenes are in the first section, then the Automations, and finally the SmartApps at the bottom.


.Right, like I said, I checked that tab, and the tab was empty. If I had checked that tab and my SmartApps were listed there, like you say, then this post would not have been necessary. lol

I had the same issue using the windows store app as well, so it wasn’t just my phone.

I just checked the app again, and they are now listed there, so there must have been some sort of issue on their end. At the time I posted this 2 days ago, when viewing the Automations tab, it was empty, and only gave me the option to install new SmartApps, but not view the existing ones.