Stringify type http trigger in Webcore


Since Stringify is shutting down I was looking to move some automations into something else.

Does Webcore have a way to create unique web addresses that, when hit, can run an automation? Right now I have an iOS shortcut that makes a request to a stringify address, which disarms my Arlo cameras for a certain period of time. Is this possible in Webcore?


Absolutely!! Anything that webCoRE can control can be controlled by a unique URL.

More info can be found here.


Nice addition to the wiki there @WCmore!! Not sure how I set your permissions but feel free to put a link to your wiki page on the main page, under ‘misc pages’


OK thanks. I was going to wait until I had a bit more content first, although lately I am wondering if I should keep each topic in their own page. with one Table of Contents linking to my individual pages.

Any thoughts?


Perhaps separate pages is best… and no need to state " WCmore’s Tips" unless you really want to.

Just list yourself as the author of each page and make them an integral part of the wiki… you know more about webCoRE than half the minions, including me, so I trust you to write up whatever you like, wherever you like (hence why I gave you full wiki editing rights).


OK, I will split them up in the near future. The reason I decided to put my name up top is so that page is not read as the “official policy or position of webCoRE”.

I am just one guy, and I am human, so any errors or omissions are entirely my fault, and no blame should be placed on webCoRE.


It’s just a wiki… errors come part and parcel. :grinning:


Awesome! Got this working but now I’m curious if I can pass variables to the address to be used in the piston?


Sure you can… for example, if you add the following to the end of the piston URL:


Then in the piston:

$args.lights IS EQUAL TO Kitchen_On
with kitchen lights
turn on

Or in the following example I used a switch case:

Stack multiple arguments in the URL using the & symbol:



Expansion on this, no need to setup individual pistons for each device:


One more question (maybe). How should I format a time variable to be passed via arguments? Would it be 24 hour formatted (22:00 for 10:00PM) or is there some other way to pass time as an argument? What format is the “Wait until time” action looking for?


You would need to convert the $args.time value into a time type value that webCoRE can understand… this is done using the time() function.

Here is a basic example piston:

In the URL, put something like ?time=22:00

The example piston will wait until 10pm and then toggle the selected light.

I’ll add “delayUntil” and “delayFor” options into the piston in my examples thread… makes a nice additional feature!


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