TCP Suddenly not working


So I have a number of pistons that have wait commands in them that aren’t working anymore. They were, and I have confirmed that I have the TCP for them set to never, but all of my routines with a wait in them (like turning my kids lights out after 15 minutes of reading time) suddenly stopped working. I turned logging on and it looks like they are just ignoring the TCP settings when the wait resolves and cancelling the task anyway.


If these pistons were working well last week, I would not edit any of them…

It is a current bug with SmartThings… (first mentioned 10hrs ago)
… There’s already 3 or 4 topics covering this in the past few hours.

It’s too recent to have a timeline yet. (and I have heard nothing official yet)

Pistons no longer running properly?

Same problem here. Thanks @WCmore.