Tesla Powerwall Logging



My first bash at webCoRE. (Wish you could just type the code…)

Building on the work of bthrock

Here’s two pistons, one authenticates with the Tesla API and refreshes that as required, and the other logs energy data from the Powerwall to a Google Sheet and Fuel Stream. It also sends a push notification when Powerwall is full and if there has been consistent solar export to grid for more than 5 minutes. (Why doesn’t the Tesla app do this?)

To setup your Google Sheet for logging, follow instructions here

Tesla API Access

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Good expansion. Have you been able to weed out any additional functionality of the API? I’m trying to work through determining when power goes out so that I can have SmartThings turn off non-critical devices (outside lights, charging stations, aquarium pumps) via plug-in switches when the powerwall is feeding the house


Whether the PW is in backup mode or not is included as part of the status response from the API. If you output the full response to the debug console, you’ll soon see all the options.


Yup. That and postman are how i have been playing with what has been discovered but kind of hard to replicate some of the statuses. Really wish Tesla would release some official API documentation. I understand being cautious with the automotive side, but solar and wall are hard to break.