Text based editor


Is there a way??? or would it be worth the development of a full texted based editor, or maybe even just importing text files into webcore? As a software developer, I find the GUI to be slow and confusing. There have been many times I wish I could just click “edit” and start typing instead of having to go and find things in the various menus. “I can code this… but I can’t find it”


There is no way to do this.

I can’t speak for Adrian but I don’t think this is on any road map.


I totally second this request. In many cases it faster and easier to just to write the code. It’s nice to have the menus and automation there for backup and sources of reference though, so I certainly wouldn’t want to see them go away.


Seconded here too. The available editor is painful.


Well, for what it’s worth, the graphical coding is much easier to learn than the underlying code beneath… Plus, you don’t have to worry about syntax using the popups, and it won’t let you write code in the wrong place.