Too many bugs happening lately?


Hi. I’ve been using Webcore for some years now and I’ve seen some failures from time to time, but this last week has been kind of terrible. I haven’t done many changes lately, most of my pistons weren’t edited in the last months, but suddenly everything is failing.
I know there has been an outage in SmartThings last thursday, since then my system doesn’t seem to have recovered. I have pistons that open and close blinds when I arrive and leave home, and they are failing. For example, there’s a simulated switch that is set to 99% to have the blinds open sequentially. It can be used manually or activated by a couple of pistons (when I arrive home, or when I wake up).
This last week, the blinds never opened automatically, and when I went to check this blinds simulated switch it was ON and recently turned on, so it was activated by the wakeup/arrive home pistons but it didn’t cause the next piston to run. If I turn it off and on “manually” (from the ST app), the blinds open.

This never happened before, or never with this frequency. What should I do? Is the ST/WebCoRE platform being left to die or what?

EDIT: I’ve been paying attention in this last hours and one ting that I notice is that WebCoRE pistons are not reacting to events caused by 3rd parties. i.e. my Tasker turns on a switch through SharpTools but the piston that should react to that switch change doesn’t react. If I toggle that switch manually, the piston reacts. The same with events triggered by Google Assistant. I see the switches changing in the ST app, but if the change was made by a 3rd party, WebCoRE won’t react to that.



My advice… start looking to switch your WebCoRE pistons over to Routines. Webcore is a groovy smartapp that will cease when ST completes the migration from groovy to Edge and LUA. While there is no set date yet for when support for groovy ends… it appears to be getting closer with ST in the process of testing the migration for groovy device handlers over to Edge Drivers in the Beta Group and adding new Devices now get Edge Drivers for Everyone when possible.

For those pistons where you can… start migrating over to Routines. Also replace your simulated switch to Virtual switch using Edge Drivers. There are a few ways to manage that now.