Treeview for Statements (Collapsable/Expandable Statements)


I would LOVE to see collapsible statements.

Imagine, next to every if, then, with etc a + or - sign that collapses those nodes, like a treeview. It would make my pistons so much easier to read when I’m troubleshooting.

Just a thought.


I love this idea!

If I may add another suggestion: It would help me immensely to be able to copy the entire code as text. (either on the view screen or the edit screen) This will let me backup all my pistons as text, and search those files easily looking for a particular code or variable that may be spread across many pistons. (I would prefer having access to the text directly, but if that is not feasible, then I guess giving us the capability to search all of our pistons for a particular piece of code would suffice)


My apologies. I found this solution years ago, but forgot about this thread.

There is a button above and below each piston that copies the entire piston as pure text… Great for storing in a large outline document, to make searching all your psitons much easier…


Pressing that button puts this on my clipboard:

/* Testing                                                    */
/* Author     : WCmore                                        */
/* Created    : 5/3/2020,   :50:39  M                         */
/* Modified   : 5/3/2020,   :52:15  M                         */
/* Build      : 1                                             */
/* UI version : v0.3.110.20191009                             */
if /* #1 */
Computer Temp's temperature is greater than 75°F /* #2 */
Log info "{'Temp: '[Computer Temp : temperature]}"; /* #4 */
end if;
end execute;

Pro Tip:

Once we have pure text, we can use the free text editor Notepad++, and make a language that allows for collapsible treeview.


If anyone has already created a “User Defined Language” for this, please share it here.
(it’s been on my “To-Do” list for far too long)