$twcweather Observations



Thank you! I will contribute when we have alerts.


For those following this thread, you may be happy to hear…
I have added a new page to the wiki to list all of the weather alerts that we know about.


$twcweather wiki seems a little vague regarding temperature values. Are they Celsius or Fahrenheit? Is there a method to set it one way or the other? Are decimal values possible? Just looking for some clarification.



That wiki page is all that we know at this time…
(hence, the reason for this thread to gather more data)

So far, every temperature I have seen under $twcweather has been a whole number… I am in the US, so it is based on Fahrenheit. If you are elsewhere, it might be Celsius, and it may be decimals. (You’ll have to check) I suspect those results depends on the weather source for your location. (more testing required)

An easy way to see the results for your location:
At the bottom of any piston (not in edit mode) you should see an Evaluation Console. You can change ‘Value’ to ‘Expression’, and then type this command:
to instantly see the results for your location.


This is an easy way to know if your location uses Celsius or Fahrenheit, and whether it uses integers or decimals.

Let us know your observations, and I will update the wiki