Uploaded pics are not clickable (stuck as a thumbnail)


It seems all the pics uploaded in the past 6+ hours are not clickable. I first noticed it here, but I checked a few other recent posts, and tested a pic of my own. None of them are able to save or see the full size picture.

Try to click on this (3840x2160) image to see what I mean:

Tested in Firefox, Chrome & Opera, and failed in all 3 browsers.

Garage Door Safety has me confused

I can click on it and save it on my iPhone safari and in chrome


I can save the thumbnails, but I cannot enlarge any recent pics here.

Tested & Failed on:
PC Firefox
PC Chrome
PC Opera
Android Phone Chrome
Android Phone Stock Browser
Android Tablet Chrome
Android Tablet Firefox
Android Tablet Dolphin browser


also not working on:
Mac/OSX Safari
Mac/OSX Firefox


If I right click and “View Image” in Firefox v60 on Windows it opens the full size image. Normal click does nothing though.

Although the reported “original” image size is 2,715px × 1,527px and not what the OP has stated so not sure if that’s an upload issue or a view issue (could be compressed on upload due to file size).


Also, has anyone noticed over the past few days, the community forum is “waiting for community.webcore.co” for 1-2 minutes after you first go to a page. I have https://community.webcore.co/latest bookmarked and it is definitely trying to load something that fails. To test, just click reload this page - control R and see for yourself :slight_smile: It has been messing up my password manager for the site, I have to wait for it to stop before the PW can load.


I am seeing a number of images not loading unless I already have them cached. I am also occasionally seeing the CloudFlare page saying the site is down.

Also, posting this comment I got a gateway timeout error. Maybe the hosting bill hasn’t been paid :laughing: , or load on the server is too high?