Use expression to find out wich variable to update



It would be nice to be able to use expressions when we go inside set variable action. For now we only have variable as choice with a drop down list of each variable.

Here the thing, I use url with arguments to set some variable. I use a dedicated piston to that, so its always the same url… The only things is that a block is needed for every variable that could be updated from there (something like: if $args.x is not empty then set @x to $args.x )

I would like to do something like: if $args is not empty then set @+$args.x to $args.x
Of course when multiple arguments are there we would need to ‘list’ them and then compare it or something. For now I can extract each name and its value with text functions but cannot set the variable with matching name…

What do you think? We could update any variable with a single block, is this something possible?