Washer & Dryer Alerts


This is my take on a washer and dryer piston. Am using one of the new smartthings wifi plugs for the washer and a smartthings multipurpose sensor for the dryer. Placing the multipurpose sensor beside the door of the dryer and the magnet part on the door itself.

This is the Washer piston

And this is the Dryer piston

Using echo speaks and push notifications to alert when finished. Also using virtual switches so I can have visual notifications in action tiles, thats switch 11 on the washer piston and switch 2 on the dryer piston. Anyone have questions please leave them here.


These are awesome! I figure it will work just fine with a smart plug I already have.

Question though, how is the new plug a SmartThings AND Wifi Smart Plug. I see the product page, but since when does a ST device itself require WiFi? Or does it do either?

Edit: Is it a marketing thing because of all the WiFi crap on the market?

Edit 2: I see it on the product page now.

Simply plug in and connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. For total home control, add an optional SmartThings Hub.

That truly is a new thing.


I’m doing something similar with two smartthings outlets based on a piston I found some time back.

Right now it sends an sms and does a voice announcement through Sonos when either is done.

Pretty cool stuff you can do in webCore.


Yes i have 3 of these and they all have been rock solid so far.


i had to use the multipurpose sensor for the dryer as my dryer is 220v and i couldn’t find a fairly cheap power monitor for it. But the multipurpose sensor works just fine with no false alerts as of yet, and yea you got to love webcore.


That’s cool. Mine is 110v gas dryer so I was able to use the smart plug. Nice piston. I actually started to use Random() for the voice alerts so it says something different each time. Wife finds it amusing :slight_smile:


Wow. I am really stuck. I was unable to add the Wifi Smart Plug with the old app, so I tried the new app, which I never use, but is getting better. Even worse, all I get in the new app is “Can’t Connect to Device. Check device and try again” from all my devices. Futzed with it for about an hour and gave up. Zero helpful comments on ST forum. Any ideas here?


Yea the old app will not be able to see the plug until it’s added. Have you tried factory resetting the plug? Then see if you can add it. Here is how you factory reset one. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00083662/

And this is how you are supposed to connect it. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00083607/

Might also try re-installing the new app. Perhaps it didn’t connect to your account correctly.

I think this will only connect to a 2.4 GHz wifi.


I did all those things.

Plot twist: The new app works fine on my iPad. I have not tried to add the plugs again because I was in bed when I discovered that.


How did you get the SmartThings Wifi outlet to share the power status with WebCore?

I can see the power in the new ST app, but it doesn’t show in the API feed, and in my testing so far with WebCore it always appears to be 0.0W.


I went into smartthings new app then went into webcore smartapp on my phone and went into settings then available devices and then went into capability group 2 energy meters and added it so webcore could see it, webcore was able to see it’s energy usage then with no problem.


My man!


So I was able to add the Wifi Smart Plug devices via my iPad. The app still doesn’t work right on my iPhone, but I can create a lighting group and control lights that way…?? So weird.

The process is apparently helped by the QR code included with each device, scan it in the new ST app, and follow the prompts. You connect your mobile device to the device Wifi temporarily, provide your network credentials, then it says it connects to the internet for some reason, and eventually it will add the device. Took me three tries with one, and two tries with the other before it finished. Looked like this:

I have no idea what to do about the new ST app on my phone, but I kinda don’t care if I can add devices from my iPad because I can still do everything else from old ST app and webCoRE dashboard.


Super disheartening. Got the Wifi switches added, and was able to control them from the iPad. After coaxing the webCoRE interface to add the devices under Capability Group 3, I was able to see them in the old ST app, but I couldn’t get them to respond to anything other than “OFF”. I quit. Going back to some switches that I know already work. Whatever is going on with the new ST hubs and devices, I don’t like it.


Hummm… mine is Capability group 2 energy meters through shock sensors then Which energy meters. I’m using android thought not iphone. Just out of curiosity what version of IOS are you running on your iphone?


I am trying to create a piston based on Llha63’s piston but I have Sonos and don’t see a way to add them in ST. How did you add them? Is it possible to share your code too? I’m a beginner so I need a few examples to see the big picture :slight_smile:


@ Llha63 on your washer piston, what is the purpose of the presence sensor? Won’t monitoring the watts be sufficient to know when to trigger the alert? I thought the presence sensor was used for the dryer.