Water Leak Sensor Alerts



Here’s my Water Leak Sensor that will send you an alert via SMS and PUSH Notification. Code: 5egp7

You will have to customize for your needs:

  • Modify the Water Sensor Device to the one you want to setup. This piston is designed for 1 water sensor, just import this one multiple times if you have more than 1.

  • It shows Kitchen Sink on the alerts for the Push and SMS Notifications, change to the name of your device on the 5 variables for the notifications on the top.

  • Change the SMSAlert1 to your Cell Number. My suggestion though is setup a Global variable for each Cell Number and use that instead but I added for the purpose of posting here if you don’t use a Global Variable. Here’s what my Global Variable looks like:

  • I setup where my light flashes with color, you may need to modify based on the lights you want to flash and if you have color bulbs.

Device Status Tiles

looks like this is what i am looking for as i had a recent catastrophe with our Washing Machine.

how do change this piston from BULB COLOR CHANGES as an alert to my SIREN?



replace line 38 with your siren - then lines 44-56 delete and replace with the actions you want the siren to make


Thanks will do…


Here is what I used. our washing machine drains into a utility sink. I have Aeotec Water Sensor to detect the water level in the sink. Then if water levels reach the hight set, it turns the power off to the washing machine with Aeon Labs DSC06106-ZWUS. these plugs also offer power levels so you could also set a piston to let you know when washing machine is done.
Dimmer 1 is the Aeon Labs switch. This also sends an SMS and push notification.

It also turns the washing machine back on when sink has been dry for 5 minutes.


What a great idea, thank you for sharing.


I made a variation of this piston to sound my alarm siren when it fires. I do not want to have the alarm go all day so I tried to set it to turn of after 30 seconds, but it did not shut off. Below is my pistion, Switch 21 is my siren. What should I change to have it shut off?


If the following command normally stops your siren:
Set Switch 21 to off
then it sounds like you want line 35 converted into a trigger. IE:

IF Water Sensor 2 CHANGES TO wet


Figured it out.


I will try this, but I just noticed another piston that is time base stopped working. I wonder if this is because of the recent smartthings outage.


I have not noticed that, but thankfully, your water leak piston is not “time based”… :sunglasses:


It works as expected now, my issue must have been because of the outage. Thanks