Webcore and Android Apps


Is there a way to use Webcore with apps on Android similar to how tasker can interact with apps?

Ex. Take a piston that turns on a light when on will launch an app on target device.


I am not 100% positive, but I’m pretty sure that webCoRE’s Android app does not have the permissions to execute other apps. Can someone confirm or clarify on this?

What I do know is if you have Tasker on your target device, you can send a command from webCoRE to Tasker, and let Tasker interact with apps… (or do a myriad of other things)

I realize this is using Tasker as a middleman, but it does work well.
(Typically less than half a second lag from webCoRE to Tasker)

Commands can also go in the other direction (Tasker to webCoRE)

For instance, when I am at home, if I turn my phone upside down (face down), Tasker will send a command to webCoRE, and my house will go into Silent Mode. (Do not disturb) Of course, righting my phone once again, it returns my home back to normal mode.

Just one of a thousand possibilities…


That would work. How would I envoke tasker? Http request?


Going in the other direction (Tasker to webCoRE) is definitely HTTP Get…
but I don’t think that would work in reverse. (webCoRE to Tasker)

Most of my pistons that trigger Tasker do so via Send PUSH notification
(but it is just as easy to do with a Send SMS notification)
Tasker just monitors the notification tray and does my bidding when it sees the appropriate text.
(I do use the $2 plugin AutoNotification for advanced features, but I don’t think it is necessary)

Lately, I have re-discovered AutoRemote (another plugin for Tasker by the same author) and am using that to push directly to Tasker without going to my devices notification tray.

In a nutshell, AutoNotification lets you get ultra precise with incoming (and outgoing) notifications…
while AutoRemote lets any of your devices send a direct command to any other of your devices.