WebCoRE and migrating from Classic to the new ST app


There is a manual fix you can perform to get your webcore dashboard working again…


I have tried adding the webCoRe SmartApp in the new ST app as you described. The process goes as expected and once all is done, it goes back to the SmartApps page and nothing shows up. Have done it a few times, with the same result.

Any ideas?


Do other Smartapps show in menu > SmartApps? If yes, can you open those Smartapps?

A question I ask in the ST forum from time to time… do you use adguard, malware blocking or have a pihole on your home network?


Hi, I’m not using any of those. What was interesting is that I installed the new app on an android phone and all the SmartApps was there. On my iPhone, it’s just a constant blank. Tried logging out, deleting and reinstalling the app and that didn’t work.

Could this be more of an isolated issue with just iPhone’s?


I have an iPhone and it works fine. Check to see if you have more than one Home Location and if you do, switch to the other one. click on menu and you should see your location listed with a pull-down to the right of the name


Checked and I have only 1 location setup. Do I need to like delete the old ST app or something?


You can use both apps if you want. Only thing I can think to try is sign out of the app and sign back in. Make sure you are using the correct Samsung account.