Webcore Corrupt?


I had a piston that was working fine. It then started spamming me with messages every time the piston ran, even though the message statements should not be running via logic. The logic didn’t make sense. I then disabled the piston and it stopped. I reenabled it and it started again. I then disabled section by section and it kept going. The part with the message is disabled. I paused the piston. Still going. I paused webcore… still going. I rebooted smartthings… still going! HELP!


can you post an image of the piston with full logging please?


Piston is disabled. Webcore setting is also set to diable all pistons. I uninstalled the classic smartthings app. Is there a way for the webcore to notify with the new app?


So I uninstalled the classic app and reinstalled it and that seemed to help. Very very very weird! I do not know what that means at all. The logic in the piston is running fine now.