Webcore - IDE - iPhone App



I have been using webcore successfully for some time. Somehow I screwed it up. I uninstalled and reinstalled webcore on the app and that may have been the cause. Currently, I can log into IDE with a browser and see the pistons I’ve created, devices, etc. All seems good. But when I go to webcore on the app it loads a dashboard with nothing in it.

I’ve searched the forums high and low with no success… any ideas? It seems that the IDE and Webcore dashboard are not linked.



You may need to ‘register another instance’ to connect to the new version after you uninstalled/reinstalled.


I tried that but it connects to a new dashboard that does not have my pistons/ devices etc. I can log into my IDE and see everything just fine. But can’t connect the webcore app to it.



@WCmore or one of the @webCoRE_Minions might have to chime in here but I think since you removed and reinstalled webcore, you are running on a new instance. Are the pistons operating on your devices still in ST? Anyway, you may have to move all your pistons from that old instance to the new one. Whatever you do, don’t delete that old instance for. The dashboard or log out. The. You would likely lose all your pistons.


Don’t suppose you backed them up? If so, perhaps you could import them into the new instance.


This is strange, I would have assumed that deleting an instance of the webCoRE app would delete your pistons. I don’t know how to get the original instance back or if it’s even possible, but if you have the pistons in the IDE still you should be able to see their private backup bin codes to restore to the new instance. When you click a piston at My Locations > smartapps look for bin in the popup and restore the piston from that code in your new instance.

If that works, you should be able to pause the old pistons from the smartapps screen after importing them to your new webCoRE install.

To make sure we’re clear on what you did to “uninstall” webCoRE – did you go to webCoRE > Settings > Uninstall webCoRE? My scratch webCoRE install completely disappeared from My Locations > smartapps when I did that which is what all the warnings in webCoRE indicate, so I’m wondering if you did something different.