webCoRE Introductory Video



As requested by a member of ST staff, I produced this video to introduce everyone to webCoRE and to show the power of what it can do to Senior ST Management.

All praise goes to @ady624 for making this video possible, without webCoRE there could be no webCoRE video!!

This is my first ever attempt at recording and editing a proper YouTube clip, so go easy on me :grinning:



A must watch for all prospective and new users!


How did you post this months ago before we even split from ST forum :joy:


PMd you


Did you get any feedback from ST?


Only that they passed it around the office and liked it.


Admin superpowers lol!


Going to watch that now. Thank you.

How do I generate a code from my ST app(android) for the https://dashboard.webcore.co/register site?

I haven’t got the “Register a browser” option?


After first setting up the webCoRE app, click done and go back to the ST pages, then go back into the webCoRE app and the register a browser option should be there.


Thank you. I will try that in a mow :slight_smile:


I have been trying what you said but I never got the code.

May I ask. What is the best way to delete webCoRE from my smartthings ide?
Or start again with a clean slate?

thank you.

I think I maybe to old for this :grin:


Haha… never too old… you shouldn’t need to delete…


Any thoughts on this one?


After installing the app using the ST application via Marketplace > My Apps, you need to go to the same ST application, but this time Automations > Smart Apps and find the instance you just installed. Open it, then find the Register a browser in there, should be pretty visible.


Thanks for the help people. I’ve been at bit ill, but I’m ready to learn now :slight_smile:

Smartthings ide wouldn’t let me start anew, so I uninstalled everything on my phone and started again.

This time I have the right CoRE app on my phone. So now I can log in to the page to edit a piston.

Thank you all again.


core or webcore


I tried to delete my location in webCoRE to start a fresh. but it wouldn’t let me.
I just got a error and Samsung Smartthings support couldn’t help.

Anyway I re-installed CoRE for my phone and this time I got the new version.(well ne to me)
Before I could chose what If\When from the app. Now I can follow the tut\video and learn.

All I want is to show on my Samsung TV when I get alerts.
Thank you for your time.


I’m here: https://dashboard.webcore.co/register

I just entered the 4 character code from my phone, but the web page is just spinning there forever after I click register. Any ideas?


@ady624 mentioned a move to a new server today… I think it might still be in progress.


Worked now. Must have been something wrong on their end.


The new server was missing a configuration pertaining to CORS. Should be fixed now, sorry.