WebCORE pause SmartThings WiFi for my kids devices?


I bought the SmartThings WiFi (mesh) and setup profiles for each of my kids using the new Plume app. The app lets me schedule a WiFi freeze (on school nights) or I can tap and freeze the WiFi for a period of time. I’m wondering if it’s possible for WebCORE (and then my Echo) to pause the kids WiFi when needed without having to pull out the Plume app. This seems doable in theory, but I realize Plume may not play well in the SmartThings ecosystem yet. If this isn’t doable now, any chance it might be soon?


If there’s an end point that can be called then it should be doable.


Well for stuff like that I use TASKER and a PC.
my wife looses her cell phone on a daily basis:)) and sometimes it’s silenced so calling the number doesn’t work.

I say “Alexa where is her phone”
or Push a simulated switch on the tablet,
Through webcore, tasker goes to find her phone and ping the phone etc…
I don’t know if something like this helps your wifi situation but @WCmore wrote all the codes etc, you might want to contact him…