Webcore Presence not displaying like old ST in new ST app



ST is making us migrate to the new ST app but after doing so, I notice that there is no information on my iOS presence sensors like there was before. Such as, how far someone was from Home and how fast they are travelling. Is this not available in the new app?


You can create simulated presence sensors that will display in the new app. You can use pistons or automations to sync your other presence sensors to the simulated one.

There are other options if you use sharptools or ActionTiles.


So the webcore presence won’t show the same info as in the old app?


Sorry, I thought you were referring to the webcore presence sensor displaying as a device in the new app.


I am referring to the webcore presence sensor that we connect to our phones. They would tell us when we arrived home or left home and I setup locations and pistons that would tell me when someone arrived at school or work, etc.