Weird problems happening lately


Hi. I’ve been having some issues lately and I’m not sure if they are related to WebCoRE or SmartThings, but any help is appreciated.

I have Z-Wave blinds motor controllers, many Hue lights (connected to a Hue hub), many Sonoff switches (connected to ST through IFTTT), many virtual switches (i.e. one for each house member’s presence, virtual locks to halt automations, etc), a Google Home screen and a Neato vacuum.

It took some time to design all my pistons but with this community’s help I reached a point where everything was working normally and I didn’t need to tweak anything else.

I have to mention that I have some connectivity issues with the the Aeotec Nano Shutter blinds controllers which sometimes randomly don’t respond to commands, but it’s not a major issue.

Some weeks ago I started seeing some abnormalities. The clearest example is this:

I have switches for every house member (currently 2). There is a piston that, when all those switches are off, sets the hub to away mode, and there is another piston that closes the blinds and starts the vacuum when the hub is set to away.
When I say “hey google, I’m leaving”, or when I move more than 400m from home, my presence switch turns off. One day I said that command but nothing happened. I checked the ST app, and my switch was off (the other member’s was off too), its history shows that it had just turned off, but the mode was still home instead of away. I manually turned my switch back on and off, and it worked.

Things like this (WebCoRE not responding to commands that were working until recently) have been happening frequently in the past weeks, to the point that now every time I’m leaving or arriving there’s usually one problem and I have to go and check what happened.

I’m feeling like there is some kind of general server issue going on, is it just me? Does anyone have any tips on how to check what could be going on?



I wonder if you are having the same issue that all of us on this thread are having:

And the related post on the smartthings forum:


Not sure, where would I find that error exactly?


I’m not sure where the error was found :-/, I just know the issues seen here started at around the same time as the other people on that thread. Daniel was the one that first posted the error found.


In the live logs for one of the pistons running or devices being controlled.




Yep, it seems like that was the issue since now things are working normally again :slight_smile: