What is the process for User Verification?


I keep noticing a [User Verification Not Started] red block appearing when I post. What’s the process for verification and how do I get it started?


I think you have to click the link in your ‘Welcome’ email to verify


Tagging @Robin


All new users get the ‘verification not started’ flag by default.

I run a verification cycle every couple of weeks:

  • Users with names that match a user on the ST forum are flagged as ‘ST user pending verification’ and I send them a PM on the ST forum requesting that they verify they are the same person.
  • Users with different names do not need verification, therefore all flags are removed.

There is nobody using @qoheleth on ST as you are using @qoheleth.rms over there, so I’ll remove your flag right away… this would have happened automatically on the next cycle but no point waiting in your case.


thanks. it’s good to be here.
officially makes it even better :slight_smile:


Is there a way to check verification? Mine has been pending for a month or so.


I have a problem with the script I run on the ST forum, which I use to compare names… so I currently rely on ST forum users sending me a PM on the ST forum, as per the instructions as sign-up.

I see you have just send me said PM, and I will now verify your profile.