Where can I find release notes?


Are detailed release notes available anywhere? Or a commit history? I prefer not to update things unless there’s a good reason. I see 1.0.75 is waiting in Hubitat Package Manager as an update.


I would suggest taking hpm updates when offered. Folks running built-in will get updates as they update the hub firmware.

The git for webCoRE on HE has the commits. if you want to see the code changes.

General updates about releases are posted in the webCoRE updates page in the HE forum.

There are changes that are made coordinated with the IDE files and groovy files. We try to keep the IDE files backwards compatible, but if groovy code is out of date some things may not work (like recent changes for command arguments, types, etc)


I prefer to take an “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” approach to software updates.

I haven’t taken the last couple of Hubitat updates particularly as there’s loads of new C8 stuff which I don’t need. I’ll wait a few minor versions first given how major the changes are.

Its the software engineer in me. I don’t want to break production.

Is this the forum page you mention?

I can’t find the Github…


There is a git link in the first note of the thread you referenced.