Word games with webCoRE (create your own story)



I haven’t seen anyone use webCoRE for fun & games yet, so I figured I’d take a shot at it.
(perfect during this ‘stay-at-home’ time period we are going thru)

This is my modern webCoRE version of ‘Mad-Libs’…
(some of you may remember from back in the day)

For those unfamiliar, it’s basically a “word-game” that can be played with a friend, or by yourself. For best results, try to avoid looking at the story, while filling out a couple of nouns/verbs etc. The words you selected, are then inserted into a short story, which sometimes, can be quite funny.

You can play it multiple times, but often the first round is special because the story is a surprise.

Table of Contents: (and length of story)

A higher number simply means a longer story…

Feel free to add your own “Dad-Libs” to this thread, or if you send me a PM with a good short story, I may turn it into another piston below. (1000-3000 chars seems ideal)

If you add your own import code here, please also give it a “Title”, so I can add it to the Table of Contents above. This should make it easy for visitors to jump right to your story.

For those playing?
Please try to keep this page “spoiler-free” so others can also enjoy the stories.
(although I don’t mind if you share them anywhere else)


Here is a simple one to kick this off… Your only visible clue is the title:

Wearable Technology


(the rest of the piston is hidden so as not to spoil the story)

To play, just import this piston, and change the ‘Values’ of the 6 variables up top.
Save the piston, and press Test to see your personalized story written below.


Here is one a bit more advanced, but worth it for a more in-depth story:

History of a Famous Company

Keep in mind that you can get quite creative with your choice of words here…
Part of the fun is inserting familiar things, off-beat words, or anything between.

I threw in samples, but the story will be much better if you customize the variables up top before pressing Test.


This one was a lot of fun… I am calling it:

Ancient Inventions

I suppose the {fields_of_study} and {career_disciplines} are somewhat interchangeable here…

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