Backup piston(s) fails when I try to backup 30 at once, succeeds in batches of 5


I recently migrated from Smartthings to Hubitat. After porting/recreating/creating all my pistons, I attempted a backup from WebCoRE (using the “Backup piston(s)” menu item).

If I select all 30 pistons in the new Hubitat WebCoRE instance, and start the backup, about midway through, I get this error: “An error has occurred while retrieving backup… Please navigate to each installed instance before attempting a backup to ensure you have a fresh list of existing pistons and that the security tokens are not expired”.

If I select them in batches of 10, I still get that error. If I select in batches of 5, the backup succeeds.

On my previous Smartthings WebCoRE instance, I was able to back up all 30 at once. I’m still able to do so, in fact.

Any ideas?


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HE has a limit on network endpoints of 128KB - headers in size. This is what you are running into when using the webcore servers as the backup destination.

This is described in note 1 and note 2 of the webcore thread in the HE forum