Bug with date() in Hubitat version of Webcore


Hi all, I just found a bug when using the the date() function in the Hubitat version of Webcore. For example date($now) returns the previous date.

Even when using variables for tomorrow’s date such as $nextNoon, it returns yesterday’s date.

I’m using the latest version of webCoRe installed using Hubitat Package Manager.
Hubitat Elevation Platform Version:
Hardware Version: Rev C-7

The date() function works normally for me in the Smartthings version of WebCoRe.


Confirmed. I just tested both lines of codes, and the dates matched.


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I have posted a fix for HE on this

(You should install initially from the file to let me know it resolves the issue - then I can update HPM)

It is the webcore-piston.groovy file that changed.


Awesome! Seems to be working now! Thanks you!