Can a piston become corrupt and unusable?


I was working on a piston last week, and was making good progress. Basically, I created a global variable with my door sensors, and then in the piston, a device variable to capture the door that was opened. Then my action was to speak to a couple of my echos the name of the door opened. It wasn’t perfect as sometimes the speak command would fire a couple of times.

But just yesterday, the first time I decided to access and work on the piston since loading up the new ST app, the piston would just not fire. I hadn’t changed anything. And I was looking at the log where it would list out “Subscribing too…” each of my sensors. But there were no events happening upon opening doors.

Just to test my theory, I created a brand new piston with almost the exact same setup and all was fine. Any thoughts here? Any way to refresh or check a piston’s health? I’m not clear on how the “Test” function works since it seems to just run the through the steps virtually and doesn’t help me much.

Last thing… I’m unable (in either classic or new app) to rebuild webcore cache. In classic, I always received the “Something went wrong” screen after a few sec. New app is a different error. Could my entire instance of webcore be corrupted? If it’s cloud based, I’d think not.

I’m stuck here.


this happened to me only once - last year - out of over 100 pistons working perfectly.
Re-wrote the same exact piston, deleted the old one and started working.
so i guess it might happen but shouldn’t be happening frequenly.


Can you check on the > Live Logs tab to see if there is an error message corresponding to each time you try to rebuild the cache? That might be a good starting point to figure out what is going wrong here.