Cannot find lost webCore instance to delete pistons


As background on how I got to this point, when ST first released the new App, it somehow made a duplicate Location and assigned some of my devices to it. This is also when I first started using webCore.

I had ST Support remove this Location, since it was causing a lot of other issues. When they did so, I found that I had to set up webCore again, which gave me a new link ID. Ever since then, the piston from that first instance continues to fire, yet I cannot find evidence of this piston or get a log of its events from SmartThings.

How can I get that original instance deactivated?


Is nobody able to assist? @ady624 (or does anyone else have access to accounts in a way that can help?). I don’t need my bedroom lights coming on every time my front door opens (that switch ID was elsewhere at the time my old webCore piston was made)


The easiest way that I can think of is to remove the bedroom lights from SmartThings… Wait at least 5 minutes… and then add those devices back to SmartThings (and then webCoRE afterwards)

This won’t delete the rogue piston, but it should create a new deviceID for those lights, so any old code should no longer control them.


Did you login to IDE and look in My Locations > smartapps to see if that instance and pistons appear there? If they do, you can click edit at the top of that page and remove the ones you wish to delete. If not, follow @WCmore post above or wait for one of the webcore minions tO assist. Tagging @ipaterson


I have checked. They do not. Nothing related to the previous location is available in my ST IDE.


I wonder if you could disassociate the devices from “In use by” on My Devices in the IDE or get some sort of helpful link for ST staff to look up… this one is definitely out of our control though as far as webCoRE is concerned.


Thanks for the response. I did look at the ‘In use by’, but because it was from a different Location, it only has the active WebCore instance listed. I even checked the hub logs when I open my door, and it simply shows that the switch became active, and did not log a reason why.

I will dig up my support ticket from when they removed the old Location to see if they can remove any associations. Thanks for checking


Yeah, that’s what I ended up doing. A little less painless than I was expecting (as I only have it in one active piston; would have sucked if I had more pistons), but at least the old ones don’t have control.

I still wish there were some way for Samsung and/or webCore to actually remove the association to the ‘lost’ instance of webCore so it didn’t have access to my hub, but this works for now.