Cannot see pistons via dashboard


So I had the iOS issue where the Presence Sensor was causing the ST app to crash. I did update the DH and it seemed to resolve the issue.

In the mean time, I had opened the webCoRE app and looked at my defined locations. There were no locations available. Long story, but I deleted the Presence Sensor, uninstalled and reinstalled the webCoRE app and registered the new Presence Sensor with all 4 of my webCoRE instances (Home, Home Tiles, Cabin and Cabin Tiles). All my instances in the dashboard seem to be ok other than one…

When I go to the dashboard for my House pistons, all I can see is my paused pistons. I tried a Hard Reload of the dashboard and it did not resolve the issue.

If I log into my hub for my house, I can see all the pistons:

Most of them have the bin filled in, which I assume is my backup code. But a few only have ‘’’’

In the dashboard if I try to back up the pistons I can still see them all:

But I can’t see them from the main screen.

I have no idea how to either get these back or what my next steps are…

Someone please help…


Maybe you changed one of your category types to ‘tiles’, which would hide the link to the piston.

Go to settings, categories, and ensure all your categories have ‘details’ or ‘tiles/details’ selected, not just ‘tiles’

The reason some of your pistons don’t show a bin code in the IDE will be because you didn’t turn on automatic backup when first creating them.


It wasn’t a category issue.

I am seeing categories from one instance in another. i.e. I have no categories in my house pistons instance, but have 6-8 in my house tiles instance. I am seeing categories of the second instance in the first.

So strange.


I have the same issue today, no piston can be seen in dashboard. But the piston can be seen in IDE installed smartapp lists, please help me. How can I get back the pistons? many thanks.