Can't load dashboard or pistons


I was working on updating a piston and now I can’t load webCoRE at all. Tried multiple browsers on multiple computers.

I tried logging out and back in again and now I get nothing in that browser. I can auth but nothing past that:

On another, I just get the “There was a problem loading the dashboard data. The data shown below may be outdated. Please log out if this problem persists.” message.

Can anyone assist here? I’m dead in the water not being able to view my dashboard or update anything.

How To Update webCoRe?

In your webcore instance in the ST app, go to settings > rebuild and clean up data cache

See if that resolves the issue. If that fails, logout of the dashboard, clear the browser cache and generate a new register code and enter your password to login again.

How To Update webCoRe?

Thank you, kind sir! That did it!


That fixed it for me also. App updated itself to 3.110.