Change variable type not working


I created a global variable and forgot to change it to decimal. I then changed it after I’d realised. If I edit the value within WebCoRE it allows me to use decimal values. If I set the variable using a piston to anything other than an integer then it gets rounded to the nearest integer. I created a new global variable and set it to decimal when I created it. With the new one, I can set it to a decimal value and it doesn’t round.


This has been happening for well over a year… (although I don’t remember reporting it)
It also (occasionally) happens with local variables where the type has changed…

Oftentimes, changing the NAME of the variable will force the type to stick.

Pro Tip

When I am experimenting with a piston, I may use a fake variable name during testing. This is to prevent this bug from happening. I change to the real name once I am happy with the piston.


Bonus Observation:

This is also why I do not use “Dynamic” as the variable type.
It is too vague, (it covers every type), which makes it very tough to catch this bug.

IE: If you ever have a piston writing to a dynamic variable “incorrectly”… This is often the reason why.