Clean up and rebuild data cache, not working?


I periodically will execute the Clean up and rebuild data cache function from the mobile app within webCore SmartApp. The expected behavior is seeing a “cleanup completed” confirmation, but recently I see the spinning wheel and then nothing, no confirmation, no error. I am not sure if it is running OK or if an error is occuring. I haved monitored Live Logging and don’t see any errors. Anyone have a recommendation? Thanks


When you say “periodically” what do you mean? This isn’t a necessary function unless you are running out of space. Otherwise they would have build it in to run automatically.


I am running it once a month or so, typically when I am adding a new device to webcore. Running it more lately :grinning:


I’ll ask again then…how often are you running it?


as i mentioned in my response, about once a month as I am adding new devices.