Communicating between two hubs/locations for e.g. a post box


Just in case anyone is in the same situation as me, i have a second hub on the perimeter of my property for a post box, entrance gate etc
And as you can’t use “execute piston” on a second instance of Webcore, i was variously using Tasker, Sharptools and a virtual switch for communication between hubs.
BIG thanks goes to @WCmore for helping me with this.
On one piston you click “(click to open/execute)” and save the URL, then make a Web request on the other piston, the second instance of Webcore.
First Hub

Second hub

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Thanks for taking the time to post this example! I am sure there are others with more than one hub that can benefit from this!


Thanks for the solution! I could of done with seeing this example a year ago when I was looking on here and posting questions about it, but all’s well that ends well :slight_smile:


I’m thinking about getting a hub for my moms house and running it as 2nd hub on my account. To extend the example above… I could make a more generic piston on her hub2 that passed currentdevice and value upon change over to my hub1, to set a virtual device(momMotion). The other way too, hub1 could pass parameters to hub2 to turn lights on (when she is traveling)

I guess this would just let me script from my hub without having to switch accounts. Also would let me monitor for motion&sump on my sharptools dashboard.

Pros cons?


Everything is possible, but when communicating between hubs, it takes two to three times more coding…

Generally speaking, I would program her pistons for her house, and only pass really important data from her house to yours, as infrequently as possible. (IE: momMotion could be helpful, but I would recommend picking a single device or two at the most. The less traffic, the better)

For what it’s worth, you do not need to link hubs to be able to program her SmartThings hub from your house. I do this for clients all the time. All they have to do is send me the 4 character code to register my browser, and then I can see and program all of their pistons.

If you setup her dashboard, you will be able to make sure she is OK without a single command passing from hub to hub.


I would have to log out of my webCoRE dashboard to see hers though right? I see what you are saying about not passing every event back and forth. Any automation pistons should run on her account.

After reading a little more on the ST side, sounds like it would be better to create an account for her that I have shared access to.

Thank you for the feedback.


No, not really. Hers can be accessible from the drop down menu in the top left. During her install, I would recommend naming her webCoRE with a unique name though so her Dashboard stands out from yours.

(if you keep the default settings, they will all be called simply “Home \ webCoRE”)


If for some reason, you want to keep them clearly separate, what I usually do is use one browser for my Dashboard, and an alternative browser for others Dashboard, but this is not necessary.