Count() won't count 'Off'


Ran across a string issue where the count() function won’t count the single word ‘Off’. Here is my simplified piston and logs:


Here is a more expanded test:

You can see Off or off does not get counted but offf does.


Good find, this probably applies to any of the special boolean strings in webCoRE like “not present” and “not pressed”. They probably get interpreted as a boolean false then coerced back to a string ending up as an empty “” string.

For your case, just prefix the text with something to break those special strings, like count ('off' + sList). If your sList is blank you’ll just count ‘off’ which we already know is zero but otherwise ‘offoff’ or ‘offnot present’ will not interfere with the count.


Thanks. Interesting observation. I tested and sure enough, ‘false’, and ‘not present’ do not get counted but for some reason ‘not pressed’ does. I tried your suggestion for count but this only addresses if the first item is ‘off’. Anywhere else in the list still does not get counted. anyway, this was just a test and I can change the ‘off’ to ‘not on’ or ‘off now’ and it will work fine.

Here is a final test I did FYI.