Dashboard slow in loading tiles


Hello all,
Dashboard tiles load in two times:

First time icons are bigger like this:

after 5/10 seconds it change like this

What I can do?
Thanks a lot


I wonder if a few of those tiles are loading into the page before the icon font has finished loading… So it sizes the text large according to a missing icon then the icon loads and the text gets truncated.

Not sure if it will help but I’ll see if I can add in a recalculation of the text sizes once Font Awesome loads


Or maybe if you can add a “forced” font dimension .



Have you noticed this for any tiles without icons? There was a similar report of issues with the tile text sizing in Firefox. What is your mobile browser?


I’m sorry but I haven’t got any tile without icons.
I use my dashboard on Apple iPhone in Safari.
Same behavior happens when I use webCoRE app (always on iOS).



Hello, any news about this? Still happening … :frowning: