Dashboard will not load



My Dashboard doesn’t load. after having to register logging in every time on every browser. I get “There was a problem loading the dashboard data. The Data below may be outdated. Please Log out if the problem persists.” I did that a couple of times no change. When I click on Dashboard (beta) I get a blank screen. My IDE logs " ac07ab0c-74a3-4024-8650-2c5c207b4784 12:17:56 PM: error java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @line 1712 (listAvailableDevices)"

When I try the dashboard from my phone, I put in the password , I get the same message as above. I click Dashboard, again blank screen and same message in IDE. I’ve changed passwords and am running version v0.3.10c.20190522

  1. I’ve changed WebCoRe’s password many times as part of troubleshooting.
  2. I have run clean up and rebuild multiple times
  3. I have only one Home location in my IDE
  4. I have not changed my ST password
  5. All WC apps are published


I have a very similar issue. It’s probably been over a month since I was able to access my dashboard. I’ve engaged SmartThings support, and there were some documented issues for users on the AP02 shard, but I’m on the NA02 shard and even after the latest V0.3.10c.20190522 update, I’m still unable to access my dashboard. If I uninstall webcore, and then reinstall, will I lose all my pistons?

Also, this is my log info: ec67f58e-047d-43da-8528-17966d336039 10:44:46 AM: error java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException @line 1712 (listAvailableDevices)


Are you using echo speaks?




I suggest removing all the echo devices in webcore available devices section and then see if your dashboard loads.


Ok, that seemed to work. Can I not use Echo Speaks with Webcore? Or can I add the echo speak devices back in now?


That I can not answer. I have seen where some users can only add a few, others up to 7 and then others with no reported issues. You will have to add 1 or 2 at a time and figure out what works for you. Not to say, the issue will not return at some point. But at least now, you know how to resolve the dashboard issue.


Awesome, thanks!


@tonesto7 Can you take a look at this? the Echo’s is one of the main Pistons I use in WebCoRe. I’ve tried deleting my echo’s and re-adding them but the same issue, when adding echo’s to Available Devices\which sensors , the dashboard fails


My magic number was 3 echo devices. 3 and everything works fine, 4 and the dashboard fails to load.



Hey guys, webCoRE and Echo Speaks are like my chocolate and peanut butter. Right now you’re not tasting to good together. Can you give us NA02 folks any hope or direction on using more than 3,4 or x # of Echo devices in webCoRE concurrently?

I need my Reese back please…


Is there anyway to enable more detail logging so I, we, you can have a better understanding of what’s going on here ? Crickets…