Dashboards and icons based on variables



I have some routines that set variables, such as one that checks my current washer/dryer status. Is there a way to create a dashboard tile within WebCore or SmartThings App (ideally) that displays or is based on the current value of a variable within a routine?



When you say “Routine” do you mean a piston that does a bunch of things?

While waiting for a reply, here are a few tips:

Anything that webCoRE can see, can be turned into a webCoRE variable.
(IE: Temperature, level of light, temp of thermostat etc)

Any variable in webCoRE can be turned into a textual data on the Dashboard, or a tile image.

If you go with pure text, the text can be colored, bold, italicized etc

If you go with a square tile, you can also use background colors or images embedded in the tile.

There are some good examples of Dashboard tiles in this thread
(although some of the weather tiles may not work since WUnderground shut us out)


Correct, a piston that does several actions and sets some variables based on the responses. Thanks for the example thread.

Is there any way to display those variables in ST directly?


Not without writing code outside of webCoRE. (although I think they are visible from the IDE)

For what it’s worth, with webCoRE at the helm, I only open my ST app when I need to install a new device.
(on webCoRE’s Dashboard, I can literally see 100-150 dataPoints on a single page without scrolling)