Daylight Savings Time


So I have noticed that every time daylight savings time changes, all my timed pistons run either 1 hour early or 1 hour late depending on if daylight savings time is starting or ending. I understand this is simply due to the fact that my timers are setup before the change. My question is how do I get thru a daylight savings time change over without having any issues, is this possible?

Right now I either have to wait for the piston to run once and then the correct time is set or I have to go into the piston and hit edit and then save so it sees the new time. How can I get thru the time change without a manual intervention or have the 1st run of the pistons run on the correct time? Any ideas?


I believe people have had success setting up a trigger for 2:01am to adjust the timings for any piston that would be affected. For example, an if statement at the bottom of the piston with the time happens at trigger, or a timer. Just something to wake up the piston after the time change and update the schedules.


I am currently using two different methods to end having to manually pause and restart each affected piston after DST <> EST (for me) changeovers. Both methods seem to work. I haven’t settled on which is better so I currently have both methods running. Each takes a somewhat different approach.

Method One pauses each timed piston and then restarts it so that it recalculates next-run times based on the changed time:

Method Two uses a NO OPeration task embedded into each desired piston. When the circled portion of this piston runs, it also causes the piston to recalculate the next-run times based on the updated time:

Hope this helps!


If you don’t do anything, it auto-corrects the next day, right? I don’t have anything that critical that I can’t handle two days a year being off by an hour.


Yes. Anything that makes the affected piston run after the time changeover will cause the piston to recalculate and then use the recently updated time. So, next day runs should be correct.

Although most of my pistons are not ‘critical’, I do have several that would be inconvenient - like morning thermostat set point changes, if not corrected in time would come on too early or too late. Likewise, I have some motion pistons that would turn on the bedroom lights 1 hour too early - or one hour too late. Critical? Probably not. Inconvenient? I’d say so.