Decimal Waits rounding down


I don’t know if this was accidental, intentional, or simply overlooked, but it bothers me a bit that a Wait cannot be in decimal format.

For example, this piston only waits 60 seconds. (not 1.9 minutes, as shown)

There are dozens of ways around this, so it’s not a huge deal…
I guess I am just curious if this is an easy fix…


One possible work-around (if I want webCoRE to do the conversion), is adding a line to change the decimal (minute) to an integer (second), and then using the integer in the Wait command. This ensures the trigger happens at the correct time. (1.9min = 114sec)

But is still looks like decimals cannot be used in a Wait command.


Why would you wan’t to use decimal time? Are you using webCoRE to calculate your timesheets at work haha


Honestly, once I realized this limitation, I have simply used seconds in my coding. I was just wondering if it was easy to implement decimals