[Deprecated] Sonos Speakers - Dashboard Tiles


Sonos – Dashboard Tiles

This piston creates dashboard tiles that display the status of your Sonos speakers. Via the preference variables, you can define ‘short names’ for the speakers to display on the tiles and designate the order in which the tiles will appear.

The tile titles also indicate which speakers are grouped and which of those speakers is the current group coordinator. (Note: where Sonos speakers have been paired for stereo, include only the left speaker of the pair in the device variable).

Finally, the tiles are clickable to pause or start play, although the ability to start play depends on certain conditions (please see the comments in the piston). Clicking any grouped speaker will pause or start play on the entire group.

This is somewhat rudimentary as yet (for example, in its current iteration, the piston won’t recognize multiple groups) but I’ve posted it along with my other Sonos control pistons in the event it might be helpful to someone wanting a starting point for something better. I’m also disinclined to develop it further as I hope for further enhancements to both the Sonos DTH and the WebCoRE dashboard.

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Sonos - Dashboard Tiles

Wow, this is cool. Thanks for this.

The tiles didnt show up for me until I played something on one of my speakers. Thanks again.


That’s normal behavior for tiles.


An update to take advantage of the new Font Awesome icons and capabilities. It’s also now easier to modify the Tile styles using preferences variables.



I’m not a programmer so this is difficult. Is there a place I can copy the code from?


On the webCoRE dashboard, click Click “+” or “Create a New Piston” , then “Restore a New Piston from a Backup Code.” Enter the import code from the image of the piston shown above.


Another update, one I’ve put off for too long. This one recognizes multiple groups and uses a different tile background color for each group, making them easy to identify.



This is awesome. Thanks!!


With the changes to the Sonos integration within SmartThings, this piston has been deprecated in favor of the one below.